All change is not necessarily for the better.

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"Let there be plastics!"

Wonder of the 60's. Life is plastics! Everlasting malleable whatever-color-you-desire miracle. So cheap it makes single use products possible. So cheap you can buy new stuff every day, put your milk and groceries into it.

Two generations later

our oceans and beaches are full of it. It is everywhere. Plastic microparticles reach the highest mountains and the deepest pockets of seas. It can be found everywhere.


We don't want to be part of the problem.

We use only ground metals for our products.

Every bulk product is made to last at least 200 years.

Every bulk product is 100% recyclable.


"Folks want cheap stuff!"

At last, we have wonder cheap stuff that everyone can afford to! No more long lines of consumers waiting for their product to be available. Rapid production, ever cheap happy goods! No awkward questions about what is necessary!

Our design aims for simplicity, desired functionality, long service life, and repairability. We solve existing real-life problems; we do not add pointless gimmics, create needs or add burden to nature.

All our products can be repaired by using simple tools and off the shelve components.

Plastic litter lasts for hundreds of years.

bulk  service life  easily exceeds hundreds of years.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

"Oil. Is. Cheap.

Let's use it like there is no tomorrow!"

"Oil makes the world go around. So let's make it go around - belly up!"

"The more you consume, the better person you are!"


We do not carry parts and resources back and forth to make bulk. Most of the component production is already in China. Likewise high-quality production facilities. What is the point to carry parts, bolts, and screws here and there when bulk can be made in where all the resources already are? 

Transport from China is also very efficient.

bulk is delivered from China to Europe by train, not by ship or plane. Train from Xi'an to Kouvola takes 14 days. Our parts are not flown around by plane for partial production. Our skilled, trained, well paid and motivated craftsmen make bulk in Foshan, Guangdong.

It is the leading reason it lasts. 

Designed in Finland - proudly made in China

Made by true craftsmen.

First there is desire. Then comes dedication. At the end is devotion.
The industrial design tries to repeat the process over and over again.
Polished stainless steel does not forgive any mistakes.
Making bulk is art. Every item is like a sculpture. 

It takes 20 hours to make one tpcloud.

Most of that time goes with countless weld seams the product has.
After welding it is polished. All errors are corrected and polished again.

The iteration goes on until tpcloud is perfect.

Odoo • Text and Image